Sea Girt Lighthouse Ornament

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Sea Girt Lighthouse Ornament
Jersey Shore Boardwalk Wood 
  • Produced from authentic, Jersey Shore Boardwalk Witness Wood® reclaimed following Superstorm Sandy
  • Witness Wood® featured in an heirloom limited edition Ornament
  • Engraved and painted with our new high quality paint printer
  • Made in the USA 
The 4" round Sea Girt Lighthouse Ornament is made from Jersey Shore Boardwalk wood and commemorates the coastal lighthouse located in Sea Girt, NJ, one the picturesque shore towns in New Jersey and home of the New Jersey State Troopers. 
The Sea Girt Lighthouse Ornament is created as part of a Limited Edition Series of items featuring Lighthouses from around the US and made from authentic local woods, in this case Boardwalk Witness Wood® from the Jersey Shore's famous boardwalks. 
All secured historic Witness Woods®, this too is limited, so don’t miss your opportunity to own an authentic piece of Jersey Shore Boardwalk crafted to commemorate one of NJ's 11 magnificent lighthouses and history it represents.
As an owner of one of these exquisite ornaments, whether you are a collector or just want to hang it from a window, tree or put it in your curio, you are "keeping history alive" and by gifting them or passing them down to your heirs you and they should be proud to own these beautiful pieces and the"witness wood" that was used to create them.
All Jersey 4 Sure products are made in America.
Each is individual varies in look and feel.
All Jersey 4 Sure products are guaranteed authentic and made utilizing the wood describe and in conjunction with our partner clients.
All products arrive in Eco-Friendly packaging.

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