"Old Barney" LBI Night Light

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"Old Barney" LBI Night Light
Jersey Shore Boardwalk Wood
J4S’s "Old Barney" LBI Night Lights  are produced from wood that was salvaged from Jersey Shore Boardwalks, with permission and in conjunction with variousJersey Shore Towns including Point Pleasant Beach, Seaside Heights, Atlantic City, Ocean Gate, Wildwood and others, when their boardwalks were destroyed by Superstorm Sandy as she made landfall in New Jersey on October 29, 2012 and decimated the Jersey Shore, Staten Island and beach towns on Long Island.
Our "Old Barney" LBI Night Light  can proudly be used year round wherever a little extra lamination is needed and will look great in your "Shore House". The "Old Barney" LBI Night Light  will remind us all about the power of Mother Nature and the resilience of those of us who were affected by Sandy but are committed to rebuild, reclaim and restore, shedding a little light in our homes every night.
Each "Old Barney" LBI Night Light uses a standard night light bulb and works like any other night light, just plug it in and flip the switch. 
Sandy may have changed the Jersey Shore, but whether your memories are of the Chatter Box or MTV's Jersey Shore, our memories will live on and new memories will be created as our homes, beaches, boardwalks, businesses and lives are rebuilt. Proving once again that we are Jersey Strong!
Be one of the few to own what will be limited edition items made from actual Boardwalk wood and support the efforts to Restore the Shore.
All J4S products are made in America.
Each is individual and varies in look and feel.
All J4S products arrive in Eco-Friendly packaging.

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